Under House Excavation

Home Under House Excavation

Due to lack of space, high property prices and the increasing trend for grown-up children to live at home for longer, a solution for extra space other than moving is to complete an under house excavation.

Another reason for under house excavation is to provide off street parking in the form of a garage.  As there is limited parking on the roads of the northern beaches, the addition of an under house garage can add greatly to the property value, and also add to convenience.  Another form of under house excavation is the installation of a lift and passageway.

Northern Beaches Earthmoving is experienced in this specialised form of excavation.  Often if the house is on rock, then no underpinning is required, just the use of the diamond blade rock saw and hammer .  The diamond blade rock saw prevents vibration transfer to the walls and the building above.  If the building is on clay, underpinning of the existing walls is often required.

Due to the limited height of under house excavation the 2 Tonne Excavator is often used.  The canopy can be removed to allow access.  For under house excavations with a higher roof height the 6 Tonne Excavator can be used or the combination of the two.