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Installing a swimming pool is a welcome and value adding improvement to many Northern Beaches homes.  By using Northern Beaches Earthmoving to excavate your swimming pool, instead of using the pool company’s contractor, a sizeable cost saving can be made.  Another advantage of using Northern Beaches Earthmoving is that if there are other works to be completed, which normally there are, it eliminates the need to employ two separate excavation contractors.

Swimming pool excavation requires someone with experience, not just with excavation, but experience in excavating swimming pools. Northern Beaches Earthmoving is experienced in excavating difficult and challenging swimming pools, such as sites accessible only by water, swimming pools that wrap around the corner of the house, and complex pools with spas, seats and swim-outs.

Northern Beaches Earthmoving will complete the excavation, from the point of receiving your construction certificate, to the handover to the pool company, or to the pool formwork contractor or steel fixer.

Some pools are excavated partly on rock and partly on soil.  When this occurs, piering is required.  Northern Beaches Earthmoving will use an auger to drill piers in the soil side of the pool down to rock, as per the engineer’s specification.

Northern Beaches Earthmoving uses a Laser Level to ensure the highest accuracy during the excavation of the pool.