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Throughout the northern beaches area sandstone is prevalent.  Rock excavation is required for many jobs.  Northern Beaches Earthmoving uses high quality excavator attachments such as Atlas Copco Rock Breakers, Austramac Diamond Blade Rock Saws, and a Digga Rock Auger.

Rock Excavation requires specialised experience and skill.  Northern Beaches Earthmoving is experienced with all types of rock excavation, whether is it excavating a swimming pool and spa out of rock in close proximity to your house, or excavating rock for a garage under a house,  footings for an extension or renovation, excavating a raised rocky back yard, widening or excavating a new driveway, excavating service trenches for plumbing and electrical and even small jobs such as excavating rock to add a garden bed.

The Diamond Blade Rock Saw prevents vibration transfer to surrounding properties.  This allows rock excavation in close proximity to existing structures without causing damage.

Rock Sawing can also be used to leave a smooth surface on the rock excavation which can be left as a finished wall.  The diamond blade rock saw is commonly used in swimming pool excavation, rock excavation close to a house or wall, under-house excavation, boundary fences, and plumbing and service trenches.

The Rock Auger is used to drill piers for footings that are required to be keyed into rock, holes for electrical poles, and holes for fence posts.  The Rock Auger Northern Beaches Earthmoving uses is a PD12 – this is a high torque auger drive unit designed for a 12 Tonne machine, and can also be used on our 8 Tonne Excavator or our 6 Tonne Excavator.