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Retaining walls are required frequently on the northern beaches to maximise usage of land and for construction of new houses, which often requires a change to the preexisting ground level.

Some common retaining wall types are treated pine sleeper wall, sandstone rock walls, concrete Besser Block walls, and keystone block walls.

Northern Beaches Earthmoving is experienced in working with landscapers to construct treated pine sleeper walls.  We use the auger attachment on either the 2 Tonne Excavator, 6 Tonne Excavator or the 8 Tonne excavator, to quickly and efficiently drill piers for the vertical posts.  A treated pine retaining wall can be a cheap and efficient retaining wall solution and is often used as a garden bed and boundary retaining wall.

Sandstone boulders can be used to build retaining walls as a natural looking alternative to a block or a treated pine retaining wall.  Northern Beaches Earthmoving is experienced in sandstone rock walls, and has made walls ranging from small garden landscaping walls only one rock high, to high rock retaining walls for house slabs, up to four metres high.

Rock walls can also be made from the rocks that are a by-product of the rock excavation, thus saving on tip fees and the cost of removal of excavated material from the site.

Northern Beaches Earthmoving is also experienced in the excavation of footings for block wall construction.  These footings can be completed in rock, sand or clay.  Rock footings often require the diamond blade rock saw, while clay and sand footings often require piering which is completed with the auger attachment for the 2 Tonne Excavator, 6 Tonne Excavator or the 8 Tonne excavator.  Almost all block retaining wall footings are completed to an engineers specifications.