Home FAQ’s
Q1. Do you do free quotes?

Ans : Yes, I am happy to give free quotes and advice.

Q2. I’m thinking of putting in a pool.  Why would I use Northern Beaches Earthmoving for the excavation?

Ans : Savings can be made using Northern Beaches Earthmoving and the advantage of having one contractor to do the pool plus any additional works that may be required.  The pool company will only dig the pool.

Q3. What is the Minimum Charge once I sign up for a job?

Ans: This is usually 4 hours plus the float.

Q4. What is a float?

Ans : The float is a standard charge to pay for the transportation of the machine from the yard to the worksite and back again on the completion of the job.

Q5. What are Tip Fees?

Ans :  Tip fees are charged by local tips such as Kimbriki for accepting different types of waste including clean fill, mixed waste, bricks and concrete.

Q6.  Why do I have to pay for a Hammer when I hire the excavator?

Ans : This charge covers the cost, service and points of the Hammer and the extra wear and tear on the machine while using the hammer.

Q7. What does 2 Tonne, 6 Tonne, 8 Tonne mean, in relation to machines?

Ans : This is the weight of each machine and is used to describe the machine’s size.

Q8. What is a 14 Tonne Tip Truck?

Ans:  This is the carrying capacity of the truck, not the weight of the truck.

Q9. What is a dog?

Ans: A dog is a trailer that is attached to the truck. It is called a dog because it follows the truck. Our dog (trailer) can carry 20 tonne making the combined carrying capacity with the truck 30 tonne or 25m3.

Q10. Do you hire out machines without an operator?

Ans : We do not hire machines without an operator. They can be hired from places such as Kennard’s.

Q11. Do I need a DA or council approval?

Ans : You should check with your local council before undertaking excavation works.

Q12. What is Dial Before You Dig and is it my responsibility?

Ans : This is a free service for information on locating underground utilities. It is the customer’s or builder’s responsibility to identify where the utilities are before excavation commences. See:  http://1100.com.au/

Q13. I want to dig a garage under my house, but its all rock.  Can you do this?

 Ans : Yes, we are experienced in all types of rock excavation.