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Detailed excavation covers more precise excavating jobs, such as excavations for footings, for a concrete house slab, driveway preparation, retaining wall footings, and service trenches.

Jim Brigden, the owner operator of Northern Beaches Earthmoving, has over 20 years’ experience, and will save you time and money by completing detailed excavation work quickly and efficiently.  Northern Beaches Earthmoving uses laser levels to ensure detailed excavation is carried out according to the plan.

Northern Beaches Earthmoving needs little or no involvement in the excavation part of the job from builders, concreters, or other contractors.

Northern Beaches Earthmoving is also experienced in the excavation of footings for retaining walls. These footings can be completed in rock, sand or clay.  Rock footings often require the diamond blade rock saw, while clay and sand footings often require piering which is completed with the auger attachment for the 2 Tonne Excavator, the 6 Tonne Excavator or the 8 Tonne excavator.

Footings for a new house concrete slab or additions to existing houses require accuracy so they will be structurally sound.  Often house footings in rock require diamond blade rock saw, footings in clay or soil often require piers which are drilled using the auger attachment.

Driveways often require detailed excavation such as thickened edges, strip drains, and precise gradients.  Northern Beaches Earthmoving can excavate straight off the plan, ready for the concreter.